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Cost of a Professional Organizer

If you up to your eyeballs in paperwork and junk, consider hiring an organizer to help you get your life or office organized. VentureStreet can help you find someone in your area who will provide you a quote to help you organize.

First, however, it would be nice to know how these professionals like to charge.

So what are the typical costs for hiring an organizer? Here are some of the trends we've seen. Some people charge by the hour and others charge by the job (fixed fee).

- Hourly rate jobs are as you would expect, billed by the hour. Organizers typically charge between $25 and $50 per hour. Most will give you a "ballpark" number of hours it will take them to complete the project.

- Fixed fee jobs (or lump sum jobs) are billed by the job. For instance, an organizer will quote a job to clean a garage for $200 or $300.

- Ongoing services are also a consideration. Many organizers will offer you the opportunity to utilize their services on an ongoing basis (once a month, once a quarter, and so on). If you enter into an agreement that has a longer term to it, you may find that your cost per hour comes down. That is often the case.

So what type of jobs to organizers take on? The sky is the limit, but the most typical jobs involve organizing garages, home offices, and closets.

Professional organizers are typically people with a good eye for getting things in the right it is your turn to get yourself organized and get a quote. Use our service and we will do our best to match you with several vendors so you can compare their costs.
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Receive free cost estimates from professional home and office organizers....
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